Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, August 29, 2016

This is the Lords work!!!!

All I can say is that this is truly the Lords work, and I am just merely a instrument that He uses. This week the Lord has seriously Humbled me so much, to truly understand that this time in my life will play a bigger role in my life then I can ever truly understand.

To start this week off, it was a slow start. But We knew that as we continued to be diligent and obedient to all the Lord as asked of us that we would find those that he has been preparing. So on Thursday we were doing the super long weekly planning. In the middle of our planning we got a phone call from a unknown number. When i answered it, this guy was on the other side. He told us how he will be moving into Hamilton in 2 weeks and he has lots of Questions and His baptist Church in Washington State isn't giving him the answers he is looking for. So when he comes into the area he would like to meet with us and start coming to our church! WOW!!!! I never had anything like this happen to me but I am so grateful for ever blessing the Lord has given us as we serve Him.

Then the second miracle,So we have this awesome family that I just love.We call them the Gang on the Hill. Some of the family members of the Gang are members of the church. Then some are investigators. Then the rest of the family is cool with us but also what nothing to do with us at the same time. So we had a lesson at the Gangs and we were reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon. The spirit was super strong and it was like we were in a little spiritual bubble. Then after our lesson one of the family members "that is cool with us but whats nothing to do with us" came up to us and told us that she would like us to start coming over to meet with her kids she feels it will be good for them and her family. I know the Lord softened her heart so much because never did i ever think i would see the day that She would ever have us come to her house to teach her kids.

The the final miracle of them all. Sunday we got a referral from the Rome, NY elders, for this guy named Jessie. During dinner we gave him a call, he asked us if we could come over that night. He explained on the phone that he really wanted to change his life and from briefly talking to the Elders in Rome he feels that the message we share could help. So we set a appointment for 6:30 and called a member to come join us. I have never met anyone so sincere on wanting to change. Jessie told us his life story and told us what trails he is facing right now. Sister Rodriquez and I testified to him that through Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ he will be able to feel Gods love and know that thorough the Atonement of Jesus Christ he can over come all trials and guilt.  It was so amazing!!! 

I know that the Lord is blessing Sister Rodriquez and I for all our efforts to do His wonderful work. We can not do this work with out Him for if we tried it would be impossible. I know that this is the Lords mission and I feel so blessed in being able to be here in New York preparing the way for the Lord and bring Gods Children here in New York unto Christ. I have learned that not a day while on the Lords errand should ever be taken for granted for this is the Lords time in which I am using and I know that this time is so precious.

Thank you all for all your loving support!!! My the Lord bless you in all you do through out this wonderful life!

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