Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, July 27, 2015

week of July 27 2015

Well it has been a week!!! We have been crazy busy this week and it is so much fun!! I am learning how truly blessed you are when you are as obedient as possible. It is amazing to see what miracles can happen for being obedient!!!!

So Friday was my favorite day for meal appointments one of our less actives made me taco soup and chocolate cake!!!!! Little did she know that is like my all time favorite food!!!!!!!!! Sister Van Avery is my mom away from home!!! I love her face!!!

Saturday we went hiking with a less active and i learned a lot about how you are able to live off the land from one of our Less Actives (the Amish guy) Bro Kampfer is pretty cool he was teaching me and my comp a lot!! we even found wild blue berry's, raspberry's and strawberry's! it was awesome!!!! we also picked up 2 new investigators Dave and Marcus! they are both really cool guys and the lord has really prepared them to accept the gospel of jesus christ.

Sunday was awesome 3 of our investigators came to church!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy, they all loved it and couldn't wait to come next week. The branch is finally taking us serious. it is just sad that it took getting our investigators to church for them to see that we are serious about doing the Lord's work. but we also picked up a new investigator too, Donald he is really neat guy he has lots of questions and we really love the plan of salvation. He works a lot so we just pray that we will be able to meet with him soon. #bestreferalever! haha 

Also this morning before i got on to email, sister fiefia and i went and did some serves for a member in our branch, we helped start cleaning her brothers house. (he was a major hoarder) it was NASTY!!!!!!!!!!! but  i was happy to help, Sister Isabel is awesome she reminds me of you mom!!! she is always happy and has a smile on her face even though she is fighting some illness right now. She truly knows how to BE TOUGH like you mommy!!!!

Any who its been great being a missionary!! i am loving every minute!!! soon Sister fiefia will be going home and it will be a whole new adventure with my new companion. 

My brain is currently mush which is sad because i usually leave yall with a spiritual though but instead today i am going to leave you with a scripture for yall to think about and reflect back on you life. 

3 Nephi 13:24; " No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon."

I invite you to think about who you serve do you serve the world or do you serve God? We should strive to put Heavenly Father before ourselves and the World. Remember your locality is first to the Lord, then to your family, then to yourself. We should always remember we wouldn't have all the blessings that we have on this earth if it wasn't for our savior jesus christ. It is because of him we are able to be forgiven, it is because of him we are able to feel relief for our pains and grief. We should always server the Lord before anyone or anything else.
I know you will be blessed as you put the lord first and put all your trust in him.

you are all amazing children of God and thank you for all your prayers

week of uly 20th 2015

July 20 th
Well it was another really fast week! But it has been lots of fun too! I am learning so much as I have go though my mission this far. Right now we (sister Fiefia and I and also the Amsterdam Elders) are trying to work with the Branch because they don't really support us with our work. But we are doing alot of praying and fasting on what we need to do the get the Branch to help us and to become member missionaries.
So this week we had Zone Training Meeting and we also had Interviews with President Rogers. WOW ZTM was truly inspired because it was about working with the members where you serve and how to have there help in the work. So that was awesome because now we have all these really cool ideas on what we can do to help the branch.
I talked in church on Sunday about the Book of Mormon and the role it plays for us as we become truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! haha it was suppose to be Missionary Sunday LOL never heard of it before but this branch does it quite often i found out because there is barely enough fully active member in the branch to cover every sunday with in a 3 month time period. So i will be speaking a lot i feel.
We have a new investigator he is pretty Rad i am still trying to get to know him but he seems pretty cool so far. But all our other investigators are just Golden they are doing so well. One of the is sadly in the Hospital right now but we pray for him constantly.
This week has been grossly hot, I am pretty sure I have sweated over 5 gallons this week! EW!!!!!!!! But when it s hot and gross that means it will rain and after it rains it cool for a little and gets even more hot and gross. The nasty cycle of life here in New York. LOL but its all worth it. Everyone saying soon it will get cold here, haha that is FALSE!!!! it is just getting hotter and hotter. NY is having a very late summer but oh well cant do much about it but just love it!!!!
Oh just so yall can have a good laugh my mission nick name is Potatoe Head because I am the only missionary form Idaho that talks the way I do. LOL apparently i have a accent i don't know what they are all talking about lol!
Well hope yall have a great day and dont forget to pray!! i know Heavenly Father does in fact here and answer all of your prayers!!! I have recently had a wonderful experience with prayer. I was having a little rough time this week and I was just praying my little heart out that i will be able to get help to just give me the comfort i need. Then this friday i met with my mission president, that was amazing! I helped me so much to know what i needed to do and it was such a wonderful experience. The spirit was so strong there I didnt want to leave i just wanted to stay there talking to him all day. He let me know he is always a phone call away because he knows i will do great thing on my mission and he doesn't want me to worry so much and to always feel free to call and just ask for help. I am so grateful for that. I know Heavenly Father did here my prayers and i was asking him for help. Never forget this, " I need thee every hour most holy one" That is so true we always need our savior and he will always be there as we turn our hearts to him in prayer.
Love the Lord with all your Heart <3
-Sister Loveland XOXOX

Monday, July 13, 2015


Well I have made it 1 transfer! HAHAHA so crazy to think i has been that long! I feel like I have already been here forever! But that is good because now i dont ever want to leave!! it is so beautiful here in new york!
So this week has been Crazy!!!!! I barely remember what happened..... so sorry it is a short letter today.... just me and my short term memory lost this week! lol
So I met my GRANDMA (the sister who trained my companion/trainer) she came and visited us! It was so much fun!!! She even came teaching with us! I am so grateful she did because for the longest time i thought i didnt know enough to teach, but after that she gave me the biggest hug and told me that she know i am where i am suppose to be and I am completely ready to share the Gospel to Gods Children. I know i can do all things through Christ!
So we had to drop some more investigators which is sad, but we know they will be ready later on for another set of missionaries. But right now our investigators Brian and Lesa have a B-Day (baptismal date) Brian is August 2nd and Lesa is August 15th. We know Lesa is completely ready she is sad it couldn't be sooner but we have a few more lessons to teach her. So that is that.
I know this work so important!!! This week me and my comp have been praying and fasting our little hearts out to find someone who is in need of gospel and who the lord has prepared for us. I believe it was about 3 days ago we met a sweet old me named Roger. He was sitting out on his porch. I felt we needed to go talk to him so I did just that. Come to find out he really needed to know there was a way for his son to be forgiven and for him to be forgiven. He asked us to come back on Thursday. I know the Lord did listen and answer our prayers. i am so grateful for that.
i want you all to know that you are all missionaries!!!! there is a quote for someone that has always stuck in my head, " EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY" you all represent our savior Jesus Christ everyday. As you are a example to our Heavenly Fathers children you are planting seeds. There is a scripture that comes to my mind its, Mosiah 26:18-19 ," Yea, blessed is this people who are willing to bear my name; for in my name shall they be called;and they are mine. and because thou hast inquired of me concerning the transgressor, thou art blessed. thou art my servant; and i covenant with thee that thou shalt have eternal life; and thou shalt serve me and go forth in my name, and shalt gather together my sheep." As you all have made the sacred covenant of baptism you all made the decision to bear is name, help find those lost sheep help the missionaries as much as you can to help those lost sheep come back to the fold. I know as you do so you will be blessed and will receive the best gifts of all gifts which is eternal life.
Thank you so much for all you love and support it really means alot!
Love and Trust the Lord will all you hearts!!!! <3
-Sister Loveland

Monday, July 6, 2015

Well I have been out for 6 weeks

Well i have been out for 6 weeks, I have gone through my first transfer and i am staying in Fonda with Sister Fiefia! I am killing her (aka she is ending her mission with me) everything is just peachy here in New York! just A LOT of rain like every day it is raining! But that's ok we need the rain! The weather so far is nothing like what i expected weird enough to say it is way better then Idahos weather! It hasn't got it over 95 degrees but it is very humid so it feels like it is over 100. But its all good! I still love it here!!! I am learning water is so very important!!!!! same with having snacks in your bag during car fast days! 

So this week we got 6 new investigators which is WONDERFUL!!! My comp and I have been praying so hard to get new investigators sense we dropped most of them 2 weeks ago! The Lord sure did bless us because most of them now have a Baptismal Date and are progressing like crazy!!! They are all Golden!!! I can not wait to see how far they go! 

One of the Elders in the area are getting transfers (Elder Maxwell) he is awesome! He is going to Ethica to reopen. Which should be fun lol he is super excited!! 

Sunday we went to go visit one of our investigators that is in the Hospital, what a great experience. the spirit was so strong as we were visiting with him, he couldn't stop crying as we shared with him about how he isnt alone during this time in his life that the Lord is always with him carrying him. I share the story call Foot Prints in the sand. He stopped me half way and said, " how did you guys know i needed to hear this" and i smiled and said " the lord told us what you needed" at that moment i know that i am suppose to be here. I am suppose to be on a mission for the Lord. He does need me and I know everything i need to know to get my feet on the ground and get going on hastening his work in this part if the vineyard.

I have come to learn how truly important it is to pray to our Heavenly Father everyday as many times as possible. It is a commandment to pray to our Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ. And as we pray we should never forget to give more thanks to the Lord then anything. He has given us so much! And we should always thank him for everything, through our gratitude we can relieve blessings and see miracles happen everyday. I also know that yes the Lord knows everything we will ever go through but do not forget to ask him for help, and to help those that we love and care for, because as we open our hearts to the Lord he will help us. I would like to invite you all to pray to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ and just thank him for all he has given you and has done for you through out  your life. I know as you do this you will feel Heavenly Fathers and Jesus Christs love for you so over overwhelmingly and you will know that they do hear and answer every pray you will ever give. As a Representative of our Savior Jesus Christ I can promise you that as you turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer everyday that you will be blessed and you will see miracles everyday. I say these thinks in the name of our Savior Jesu Christ, Amen.

Thank you so much for all you love and support it really means so much to me. I know that your prayers are being answered everyday.

Love the Lord with all you heart! <3
-Sister Maraiha Loveland
New Mission president Roger and his wife