Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, September 5, 2016

4 Transfers in 1 area!

Well this week, seemed short and long! We have been able to still see so many miracles!!!! I just love it!

So on important news, I am staying in Hamilton for a 4th transfer so I will most likely leave my last transfer. But who knows the Lord may have mercy on me and let me finish my mission here.

So its been a while sense I told you guys some fun stories and boy oh boy I have quite a few!!!
Alright we have been doing a ton of Finding, mostly knocking on peoples doors. So on Tuesday we were knocking doors on a road called Johnny Cake Hill, and we knocked on this cute old ladies door. In my mind I thought she would be nice but no. She looked at me straight in the eyes and said, " you are a cult" So we just left and I busted up laughing because after 15 months that was the first time any one has ever told me I was apart of a cult. Then the next experience I thought was pretty legit! We were of coarse knocking on doors again but this time another little old lady answered and was nice for the most part but told me our Jesus wasn't the right Jesus. I thought to myself. "well wait there is only 1 Jesus so how are we wrong." Then I bore sold testimony to her and told her she should check her resource because I knew that Jesus Christ I my lord and savior and if that was wrong, well I was living one happy lie. So that was all super fun!!!

We are now teaching a whole family!!! There are 8 people! We first started teaching the kids (there are 6 of them) because the mom told us that was ok. But then on Sunday, we got the best text message for the kids mom. She asked if her and her husband could get one of the books (the book of moron) from us because she to would like to read it. So we went over and have them 2 copies with our testimonies. We had a wonderful lesson and today they asked us if we could come over and have a lesson with the whole family. So tonight we are going over and doing a family home evening lesson on the Restoration! It will be lots of fun!!!! I have never seen so many people that are prepared for the message of the Restored Gospel it is just amazing!!!

Also today we got to go on a amazing hike in the mountains here in New York!!! It was so much fun!!! We hiked up Bold Mountain in the Adirondack. It was so much fun!!! The view was amazing and I felt like I was back at home! We got to climb into a old fire look out station and that was just wonderful!

I have 12 weeks left and it is crazy thing to think that time has gone by so fast! But I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior! I have found a scripture just recently that I love so very much!!! D&C 50:13-16 " wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question- unto what were ye ordained? To preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter which was sent forth to teach the truth. And then received ye spirit, which ye could not understand, and received them to be of God; and in this are ye justified? Behold ye shall answer this question yourselves; nevertheless, I will be merciful unto you; he that is weak among you hereafter shall be made strong." I know that through doing the Lords work I will be made strong and those in whom I am blessed to teach will be made stronger!

Thank you for all your loving support!!!

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