Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, August 31, 2015

New York State Fair and a Baptism

So not much to say this week it is all kinda a blur, its been a fun week for the most part. I still love my new companion  and we are still having lots of fun everyday! 

Today we went to the New York State Fair which was lots of fun!!! We met lots of people and I made ensure i fulfilled my purpose and talked to at least 5 people about the church. They thought i was crazy but oh well I basically am so i didn't really care. 

We also found a new investigator finally his name is Frank we have only seen him once so i don't know much about him yet other then he is taking care of his grandchildren and wants to find a new church because he doesn't like how his church right now wants him to pay to have his grandchildren baptized. He is very interested and i am so grateful that the Lord has blessed us with someone to teach finally! We also had a baptism on Saturday for a young boy we have been teaching. It wasnt a convert baptism but it was still a wonderful baptism. We are reactivating his family. It was wonderful, he was so happy after words, I could only remember the day i was baptized and how i felt that wonderful day wearing my pretty white baptism dress and having my daddy look at me after i was baptized. It was the best feeling in the world and i am so happy that Dominick was able to feel the feeling. 

Also Sister Hale and I are doing something we are calling a Re-Motivation were we are treating each other like greenys so then we will regain that desire to do the work. It is really hard right now to do the work because our investigator pool for the longest time was a big giant goose egg "0". But sense we have started to do this are investigator pool has went from 0 to 4 so that is a plus. Its amazing what you can do when you rely on the Lord like a brand new missionary does. Our testimonies of relying on the Lord completely has grown so much, I don't want to ever rely on myself ever again it is just so peaceful when you rely on the Lord completely because you know he will take care of everything. 

so yesterday in church we were talking a lot about charity and how it is so important to develop charity in our life. I never really have thought about charity as much as i did yesterday its kinda funny, I know that i have been blessed to be able to have charity but it hit me hard that you cant have something if you don't work for it. I just always expected that i would always naturally have the pure love of Christ for everyone but I learned that you always have to work for the things which that Heavenly Father has in store. It all comes back to the saying i shared a while ago "Faith with out works is dead" we got to act to become like our  savior Jesus Christ so then one day we can dwell in his presence again.

Love you all so much and i am so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers in my behalf. Remember that the Lord should always be your light and he will always be watching over you day in and day out. (sorry if this email sounds like i am rambling its always hard to get all my thoughts together.) 

Love the Lord with all your Heart <3
-Sister Maraiha Loveland (Potato-Head)

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