Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Friday, August 7, 2015

Week of Aug 3 2015

So this week has been going pretty good. All my days are all smushed together! I can never tell any day apart anymore! but that is a good thing from what all the missionaries are telling me... hahah i am not to sure about that. hahah

So any ways! I have basically been working hard and never being able to have time to take a minute and breath. HAHA its so fun to never be able to take time and breath you get to see so many miracles!!!!! My big highlight of the week is a 13 year old girl that we are teaching is going to be getting Baptized on Aug 22nd and right after we gave her a date she ran outside to go tell her grandpa and then also this sunday she borrow her testimony and tell the whole branch about it. You can just see the Light of Christ shine in her eye! she is the Best!!!! It is amazing!!! She is almost done with the Book of Mormon too. I am so excited for her!!!!!

Also this sunday I got to do what i know how to do, a young boy with autism that is in the branch dad was out of town and someone picked him up so he could still come to church. Well right before church started he had a melt down and no one knew what to do to calm him down. So I pulled out my bag of tricks and got him talking to me about Walt Disney ( that is his favorite person) It was so nice to be able to do something without wondering if i know how to do it. I felt so blessed!  

Also the branch is finally working like a ward or branch should so the work is going a lot smoother! so thats a big plus!!!!!!

So today during study time i was studying the light of Christ. It is amazing to increase my knowledge about that particular subject. I really think it is so cool how we all have the light of Christ before we receive the gift of the holy ghost but once we receive that gift the light of Christ is so much stronger!!! there is a song my mom sung to me all the time back home its, " Do you have him image in your countenances? Does the Light of Christ shine in your eyes? Will he know you when he comes again because you shall be like him?" Studying the Light of Christ got me thinking about that song..... do we have the Light of Christ in our eye because we strive to become like him? Then i was thinking about the scripture I shared last week .... " you can't serve two masters..... you cannot serve god and mammon" We must strive to serve our Heavenly Father and follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ, if we have the desire to return to our Heavenly Father again and be in his presents we must gain that light of christ. I invite you all to take the time to study the restored gospel of Jesus christ and gain that testimony of it for yourself so then you can gain that light of christ. 

I love you all and i am so grateful for all your love and support! you all are amazing!!!! :)

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