Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, June 15, 2015

WEEK 3 caught in the rain

First off Thank you so much for all you thoughts and prayers!!!! They truly mean a lot to have all of you guys support!!!
So this week have been way better than any other week!! like no joke!!!! I am learning so much about how to teach the lords children and how to be a instrument for the Lord and how to let the spirit speak through me. It truly has been a blessing to be able to have the spirit with me constantly!
So the big fun this week is me and my comp got caught in 2 huge rain storms. 1 has tornado warning and watches and it was pretty scary but still loads of fun!!! We got soaked head to toe we were able to ring out our skirts and make our own little puddles with all the water. it was so much fun to dance in the rain!!
We are mostly working with Less actives and recent converts but we are still teaching a good amount of investigators. We barely have any time to think for ourselves but when we do it is nice. We just picked up 2 new people Jasmin and Patty they both are a hoot to be around! Jasmin is 17 and had been through the ringer but as she has been meeting with us she feels like she has known us forever and loves to just sit and ask questions. Then Patty is so funny she told my comp and I up front very personal things and we thought it was so funny but she loves to talk and learn more about Jesus. HAHA! oh and our special spirit Jeff (aka dreadlock man) he is easing up on falling in love with us because he is now seeing that we arent there to socialize and we are there to teach him and help him gain a relationship with Heavenly Father. The senior couple in our area come and teach with is as well so them we arent alone.
Weirdly enough we are never really fed here, there is like 2 people that feed us the senior couple and awesome Less active Sister Van Avery any time we meet with her she tells us to plan for a meal. haha but other then that we make our own food so I am finally eating healthy. lol jk I still love my junk food!
During the last big rain storm we were actually in the middle of a lesson with a sweet lady named MOMMA Lathrop she hates being called sister lathrop because she is to old to be any of our sisters so she is our mom! we decided to take selfies so I will send picture in another email.
Everyone has DOGS and CATS it is nuts and everyone has very little it breaks my little heart to see so many people go with out things that i was so blessed to have in my life. I wish i had the means to help them all but I don't

but i do have the Gospel and the gospel of Jesus Christ can bless them. So we try our hardest to teach everyone.
oh one last thing just yesterday a miracle happened!!!! my comp and i were struggling to find people to teach so we read a scripture about faith and prayed that the Lord would help us find some anyone how would sit and listen to the message we had to share. so we got out of our car and started to tract then we found 2 kind gentle men and they really were interested with what we had to share. we taught them the restoration and they want us to come back and teach them more. It was amazing!!!! I know the Lord hears and answers all of our prayers and I know is always there to help us.
Love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

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