Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, June 8, 2015

WEEK 2 in the Mission field

Hello Friends and Family!!!!
I love you all and so grateful for all you love and support that you all have given me! This week has been a struggle week. Like more then usual! But I am working harder then I ever have in my life! I would like to invite you all to read you Patriarchal Blessing, it truly is your own personal scripture. It will help you so much in you life, I know that we should always strive to fulfill our blessing it is our map to return to our Heavenly Father. If you don't have one yet I would like to ask you to prepare yourself to receive one. They are truly a blessing to have in our lives!
So the big highlight of this week is that a young man named Brandon the very first person i OYMed (opened you Mouth) has a baptismal date. My second day in fonda we met him ( he reminds me so much of Corban) he was outside with his brother in law giving his dog a hair cut, I started talking to him and thanks to Corban I was able to relate Joseph Smith to Luke Skywalker. How I did that I dont know but I did! He has such a strong desire to learn, he is 18 and about to Graduate High School, he has some special needs like my man corban but he is still super brilliant! But anyways our 2 time meeting with him we invited him to be baptized and he said, " yes, I know that you guys represent Jesus and if you are asking me to be baptized i know that I should." It was amazing!!!
Oh and we have the funniest Less Active fellow, He has dred locks that hit the flour and lays on the ground about 1 foot. He is a special guy, but me and my companion feel like he maybe falling in love with us so we are now asking the senior couple in our mission to meet with us so then we are not alone with him. But we are teaching him all over again, he comes to church every now and then and thats good. But he is pretty cool other then that we just taught him about the Holy Ghost and had a object lesson and he really understood. My companion had me teach the whole lesson and it was actually pretty easy other then having to make ensure he says focus.
The Branch here is great! We just had a baptism for a man who kids joined the church not to long ago. His daughters are the sweetest they have been through alot and on my first Saturday in Fonda they have adopted me to be there big sister. The Elders that are teaching them are so grateful for me because I am helping more then they ever could. I love those girls and I pray that I will be able to stay in Fonda long enough to see them gain their own testimony of the Lords gospel. They are truly great young women!
I am so grateful for all you love and Support! Thank you for all your prayers!
and remember to always Pray to the lord he is truly your best friend and can help you so much!
( sorry I didn't take any pictures this week there really wasn't enough time we were just working so hard we forgot to take pictures)

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