Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello!!!!!!!! Its your Favorite Missionary!!!!!

Well not much happened this week, but it was still a good week :) We picked up a few new investigators. We have been working hard trying to get new people to teach, I am learning the People here really don't like missionaries. Any time we go tracing everyone is very rude to us and it gets us down in the dumps but we pray, pray, pray, and pray some more to be leaded to those the Lord has prepared for us. But we are planting seeds at least!
I am so excited though we have a less active that has a desire to go to the temple and I get to help her get there and hopefully with my mission presidents permission maybe i will be able to go with her so I am going to help her reach her goal of attending the temple. That is really our big highlight of the week. We had to drop 3 of our investigators because they aren't progressing and  that was a bummer.
Oh there was one funny thing we were walking around Fort Plain heading to a lesson and we had to guys pull over and start flirting with us it was so awkward!!!! so we taught them the Restoration and told them to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. So yeah that was fun! haha I have had so many guys flirt with me and i am just like," You want to learn how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless you life!" then they look at me like i am a nut case its so much fun!!!! Because little do they know i am a Nut case! HAHAHAHA!
So yeah its been a good week return and report was also this week and that was fun begin able to see all the cool missionaries i was in the MTC with. so yeah its was fun! haha

Thank you for all the love and support!!!!
I am so grateful for Fathers, don't ever forget to tell you Father in Heaven you much you love him and how grateful you are for the Father he gave you on this earth. It is such a blessing to have a Father share the same love our Heavenly Father has for us on this earth. It is amazing!!!!!!!!
Oh also I get to teach Gospel Principles this coming Sunday! I am teaching about Eternal Marriage, our Branch Mission Leaders ask me to teach about it because he was prompted my the Holy Ghost to have me teach it because i have a very strong testimony of how important Eternal Marriage is. So that was Awesome!!! I cant wait to teach it because i know Our Branch mission Leader was truly inspired :) Oh I will also be speaking in church July 19th as well. This Branch is putting me to work!!! and i am enjoying every minute of it!!!!
Love you all so much and so grateful for you wonderful influence in my life. NEVER DELAY A PROMPTING!!!!!!!!
Love the Lord with all your heart!
- Sister Loveland

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