Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Its almost done.......

Displaying DSC05985.JPGHello Everyone!!!!

So this week have been pretty fun! On Halloween we carved pumpkins so that was a blast!!!! After about 4 days they started to stink so we had to sadly through our pumpkin friends out. 

After all our fun on Halloween, the week was pretty chill, then we had a big meeting for all the missionary leadership. It was quite fun, we had a awesome trying on Repentance from President Rogers. I think it is so need how he explained that Repentance is not a bad thing, in fact it is a joyous thing because as one truly repents they draw closer to the Savior. Also President Rogers asked a wonderful question that got me really thinking about my purpose as a missionary for your Heavenly Father. " What does it mean to you to Find Constantly, Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts while you are on the Lords mission?" After President said this question, I made it a goal to ponder about it this Sunday. As I pondered about it, one i realized that it helped make my Sabbath day special and two I now know that Find Constantly, Teach Repentance, and Baptized Converts while on the Lords mission means to me, pure Joy. I have come to realize that I have found true happiness as I have been in the serves of our Lord and Savior.

Also this week we had our first exchange, It gladly didn't end in disaster. I was so scared everything was going to fall through. It was fun! We met this sweet guy named Zack, we talked with him a while and gave him a book of Mormon. 

So we also taught Awesome Karen!!!! Goodness I love that Lady!!! So after 4 lessons she loves and understands the Plan of Salvation. So we are started teaching the Restoration, Karen has so many questions it is wonderful because she really wants to know the answers! Also this week we helped Karen rack her leafs and cook dinner. It really is so much fun seeing her.

The High light with week is we were bless to see 2 of Gods children enter the waters of baptism. On the 5th Gavin and Tristan were baptized and  it was great!!!! The spirit was so strong and there grandparents were able to be there and her Grandpa came up to Sister Gneiting and told us that he never thought this day would come but he is so grateful that is has happened. It is such a blessing to be able to serve the Lord!!!!

On Sunday, we had a lesson with a sweet little old less active, Sister Ritz. So we watched this awesome talk on the BYU channel. In that talk there was something I want to share with you all today. " Are you a Believer?" " If you aren't fully committed, you will become weak, and suffer from " stage fright"." I know that as we are true believer of Christ we will be able to see the Lords out poring blessings upon us!

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