Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, November 21, 2016

Peace after the Journey

 This week has been pretty busy, we had exchanges with the sisters from Manchester, VT and that was fun! At the start of this week, we did alot of cleaning up the Area Book and updating... ( it hadnt been updated in a while) After that we had some awesome lessons with some of our Investigators. Then later this week during the evening we were walking around the town and for some reason that day I was just so lucky at Talking to Homeless people. They were all sweet people, we gave them all a Book of Mormon, because it just so happened in every conversation they mentioned how they loved reading. One of them, his name is Uncle Kevin was so happy he got up and gave us a group hug and kiss both of us on the cheek.  HAHA!!! It was pretty much a adventure, after word we were both slightly freaking out because we are missionaries and now one is suppose to kiss us!!!!! So that was that :) 

While we were on exchange we were blessed and picked up 3 new Investigators and set 1 on date!!! All of them are really sold and they all have such a strong desire to come closer to Christ. It really is great to see the Lords tender mercies!!!!!

Also this week we got to make pizzas with our new converts and there family!!!! It was so much fun and then we had a awesome lesson on Enduring to the End!!! Goodness I just love doing Missionary work!!!!!

We had a wonderful Misison Conference as well! Elder Snow was the General Authority. He gave a wonderful training on acting on our Faith and working with members. He drew out a trangle and divided it into for groups and explained that in order to feel you have had a successful mission you need to do 4 things, 1: be Obedient 2: to put in all your Effort 3: to reach mission standard of Excellence and 4: to Act on our Faith every day. That really stood out to me because I am reaching the end of the Lords mission and as I see that I am able to have peace of knowing I have done all that the Lord has asked of me. 

So to explain the title to my email, " Peace after the Journey" in church this Sunday, we had a wonderful lesson in Relief Society. We talked a lot about " Ask and it shall be Given, Seek and ye shall Find, Knock and it shall be open." But one thing was mentioned that stood out to me it was that we need the faith to submit to Gods will. In order to receive answers to questions we need to trust God and his will for us."

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