Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lacey has a baptismal date for October 15th!

So this week has been pretty great! We have spent almost every-night at my favorite humans house, "the gang". It has been so amazing to see the Gospel catch on fire with in that wonderful families lives! A member of the family Lacey has a baptismal date for October 15th! I am so excited, Lacey is a wonderful sweet girl and I know that the Restored Gospel will bless her life so much and its amazing to know that she knows that as well. I am so excited!!!! I truly love seeing how powerful the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless and change so many peoples lives!!!

Also this week we had a wonderful Zone conference on the Doctrine of Christ. President Rogers focused alot on Repentance and forgiveness. President Rogers taught that when you are truly repenting of your sins you are turning to God and turning away from sin. That when you sincerely Repent you know how it feels to go to Gethsemane and you know how the Savior felt for a few minutes as he suffered there for you. It was just so enlightening to here the wonderful words taught my our mission president. 

So I would like to share with you all some of the things that I have been studying this week. I love the Atonement of Jesus Christ and have been studying about it a lot lately. Oh how wonderful the Atonement is. There is a wonderful quote by Elder David A. Bednar, " There is no physical pain, no spiritual wound, no anguish of soul or heartache, no infirmity or weakness you or I ever confront in morality that the Savior did not experience first... He can reach out, touch, succor, heal, and strengthen us to be more than we could ever be and help us to do that which we could never do relying only upon our own power." 

I love the Restored Gospel so much and i know that all can and will be forgiven through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. "The Lord is my light; the Lord is my strength. I know in his might I'll conquer at length. My weakness in mercy he covers with pow'r, And, walking by faith, I am blest ev'ry hour.The Lord is my light, my all and in all. There is in his sight no darkness at all. He is my Redeemer, my Savior, and King. With Saints and with angels his praises I'll sing." 

Thank you so much for all your loving support!!! I hope and pray that all is well and that as you apply the Atonement into your lives daily you will come closer to your Savior and feel his love encircle about you. 

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