Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1 year and 3 days!!!

Well its offical i have hit my year mark!! Before I know it I will be home with my wonderful family. Goodness my mission has really flown by!!! There is nothing more rewarding then being on a mission at this time in my life.

This week we have been busy teaching so many people! We are trying to contact all the less actives in the Branch and some of the Former investigators that were taught in the past and WOW that is so much fun and alot of work! Because all at the same time we are trying to find new people to teach so we are trying to talk to literally everyone! But We are still having lots and lots of fun!!!!
We recently found a awesome New Investigator Dustin! He is the Boy-Friend of a Less Active. He is super nice and has just about finished the Book of Mormon. I am so excited we will be teaching him again on Tuesday and man his he prepared! Also we have found some new less actives that haven't been contacted in a while and the best part is they want us to meet with them and help them start coming back to church!! Oh my Goodness the Gospel is true and there are miracles happening here!!!!

So today I want to talk a little bit about the 2,000 stripling warrior. They are some amazing men with in the Book of Mormon the truly show that as you put your loyalty first to the Lord then to your families you will be able to see miracles! In the Book of Mormon it describes them as men with great courage, they did not fear death, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt God would deliver them. I want to focus on the first part they were men of Great Courage! I truly love the word Courage! My sweet family has a wonderful saying that is ," Courage not Compromise" I remember when i was young not knowing why we had this as our family saying. But now as I go though my mission often times I hear my sweet mothers voice in the back of my head saying those sweet word. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we need to have courage to stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places. " be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest" The prophet Thomas S. Monson once said, "Dare to be a Mormon, Dare to Stand Alone, Dare to have a Purpose Firm, Dare to make it known." I invite you all to go forth and share the truth and knowledge that you know to be true. Have the courage to stand out and be a true decipcle of Jesus Christ!

I love you all and thank you so much for all that your have done for me and all your support in helping me be able to be on my mission. I am so grateful for all your loving support! My the Lord bless you in all you do!

P.s. it decided to snow Sunday!!! Oh what fun it is to be in New York!

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