Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey!!!! #lovewatertown

Well it has been a wonderful couple of days with Sister Tesch!!! We have had so much fun! I feel so blessed having her a companion! After so much prayer, Heavenly Father, he has blessed me with my best friend! Sister Tesch is just like Lettie!!!! 

The work is going great!!! We are still teaching so many people and sometimes i wish we could have more then one day off. Because man i really need like a 12 hour nap!!!! 

The big highlight of my week is that I have been given permission to make our recent convert Larry's wedding cake!!!!! I get to do something I know and Love !!! Honestly I have been pray to be able to decorate a cake and when president told me i could, I was like a fat kid eating chocolate cake!!! 

Being a missionary really is such a blessing!!! Like seriously I have never found so much happiness! and being able to make others happy through the gospel is amazing!!!!! 

The biggest thing for right now is we are happily teaching so  many people! Sister Tesch is a amazing teacher!!!! Our investigator Bethaney, is doing wonderful! We went and saw her on Thursday and that was awesome! We talked about faith and the important of acting upon our faith everyday! We invited her to pray and she said the most beautiful prayer i have ever heard! Then we saw Larry early this week and that was awesome! We were going over the Restoration and that was pretty neat! He basically taught us and bore a wonderful testimony of how he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet! The Spirit was strong!!!! 

So recently I was reading in the Book of Mormon in the book of Mosiah. Goodness i love the book of Mosiah there is so much to learn!!!! in Mosiah 26:24 it reads, " For behold, in my name they are called, and if they know me they shall come forth, and shall have a place eternally at my right hand." I truly love that scripture simply because it explains that as we take upon the name of our savior we will be able to see him again and dwell with him in the eterities and that is amazing!

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