Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, December 7, 2015

Its almost Christmas time!!!!!!

Well its been a fun week!!! Got to meet a lot of new people and oh my goodness!!! the ward here is awesome!!! most of the members are in the army so that's the big difference but everyone has such strong testimonies it is freaking awesome!!!

So yall know Watertown is right next to Fort Drum so we have all the army families in the ward and a lot of them at this time as a family member diploid and to see how strong their testimonies are and to see how much they rely on the Savior is amazing I have never been in a sacrament meeting where I could feel the spirit so strongly till know it is amazing!!!

So yesterday was the Christmas devotional and that was so much fun to watch the spirit was so strong as I heard the testimonies of why the savior was born and how his birth can bless our lives. I loved how President Utchorf was talking about how we all have wings so we can fly and one day return to our heavenly father. The gospel is amazing and it can help us fly as we apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ everyday! 

So this morning I was studying the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi chapters 18-19 and dang Christ is one amazing person! At the end of a group of versions it always said " But his hand is stretched out still" isn't it amazing it think that no matter what we do Christ is still stretching his hands  out wanting to help us up. I think that is amazing!!!

Well sorry this email is so short, next week should be longer just gotta give it a little more time to have to meet some more awesome people and to see some awesome miracles then I will have so much to say.

If you haven't seem the church's new Christmas video go and watch it at it is amazing and testifies of Christ birth so strongly!

Love you all and have a wonderful Christmas season!!!!! remember it is not Christmas with out have Christ at the center.

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