Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hope Everyone Had A Merry Christmas!!!!!

This Christmas has been a Christmas full of miracles!!! Being a missionary around Christmas time has been great because we get the blessing of seeing how much Heavenly Fathers children's heart have been softened because of the Saviors Birth.

It was so much fun being able to skype home and see my families wonderful faces!!! And to hear about the wonderful miracles that have happened in there lives sense I have been out on my mission.

So big miracle from the wonderful Christmas season! We have a rock solid new investigator!!! His name is Morgan. We call him Mohawk Morgan because he has a freaking awesome Mohawk! Well anyways we were talking to people on the street handing out candy canes with the "A Savior is Born" pass along cards attached to them. We were running late for a appointment and Sister Walker had one more candy cane left so her gave it to Morgan and just said ," call us if you have any questions about the video" 5 minutes later we had a call from him saying how he wanted to meet with us, he hadn't watched the video yet but he has a lot of questions and he really feels we can help. So we called him back and set up a time to meet him at the library on Christmas eve. Man Oh man was Satan working hard on him. Because he kept on having to cancel because of work or something of that nature. Then he said to heck with this basically and called us and said Saturday at 3 not matter what I am meeting you at the Library. So we met him at the Library taught him restoration and accepted Baptism on the first lesson!!!! Later he texted us and asked if he could come to church and wanted to know were the church was. Sadly he didn't come because he was really nerves about it so we are going to have a church tour with him this week. The Lord has really prepared Morgan, it truly is amazing to see how prepared he is.

So besides that nothing big is going on Larry and Kelly Babcock (member) are getting married at the end of February so I will get to hopefully be there for both the Baptism and their wedding. Sarah and Bill are doing good as well we are seeing them this evening.

I love being a missionary! there is really no place I would rather been the here in New York sharing the truth fullness of the Restored Gospel to all of Heavenly Fathers Children.
Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful new year!!!! I invite you all to make the new year resolution to come closer to your heavenly father and savior Jesus Christ in the year 2016 and strive to gain that strong testimony of the Truthfulness of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Love the Lord with all your Heart <3
-Sister Maraiha Loveland (Potato-Head)

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