Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, December 21, 2015

Its the Monday be for Christmas

Its the Monday be for Christmas, all the missionaries are about, teaching the gospel. Not one was lazy for they knew of the power of the message they shared. They ran around all in excitement because it was that time of year where they got to talk to some special people whom they missed so dear. The ward members spoiled them with goodies galore so they now look like umpaloopas and rolling on the flour. They planed days ahead it great excitement, for they knew this only happens twice a year. They were good and obedient to get the 40 minutes they needed. So when Christmas comes they can knew it was going to be quite the season.

Haha!!! hope you liked my creativity on the fly. Things are so wonderful here in New York still no snow and I honestly don't care I am just so excited for Christmas I feel like a fat kid eating chocolate cake x37!!!! 

So the work is great!!! we have 2 amazing new investigators that we found though our very own efforts! Sarah and Bill are so awesome there personalities and they things they are into remind me so much of my favorite big sister Stori and my one and only Bro in-law Brandon. Bill has basically every old school gaming system that ever existed on the planet and Sarah is just funny and awesome like my older sister! Its great!!!! we are seeing them both today at 4 so we are cutting our Pday short and I honestly don't care because the message we share is to important to care!
 Larry is doing great he is going on vacation for Christmas and is planning to go to church in North Carolina so that will be awesome and we will be having skyping lessons with him and Kelly Babcock the member he is dating ! Yeah this is amazing!!!! I am like on missionary cloud 9 right now!!!!!
On Chrsitmas we will be going to a senior home and sing Christmas Carols to all the cute Old people! and that morning we will be having breakfast with some ward members and then skyping home at their house! I am excited!!!

So my Christmas present to myself this year is finally having D&C 4 memorized and having the First vision memorized can I just say this is just amazing to be able to have those internalized and memorized!

So right now I am in a delicious study of the Book of Mormon! President Rogers was joking with me at our Christmas mission conference that my scriptures look like a coloring page because I have some much marked in my scriptures. I recently was reading in 2 Nephi 26 and a verse popped out to me. verse 30 " Behold, the Lord has forbidden this thing; where fore, the Lord God hath given a commandment that all men should have CHARITY, which CHARITY IS LOVE. And except they should have CHARITY they were nothing. Wherefore, if they should have CHARITY they laborer in Zion to perish." I honestly don't know why this stood out to me. As I have thought more about it last night, my mind when to this wonderful time of year were we are about to give to one another. and truly show that pure love of Christ to those around us. Charity is so important to have for all of Gods children because you never know what someone is going though. This last week I decided I was going to smile at every person I made eye contact with and tell them that Heavenly Father loves them. And wow that has made such different form me because now I seriously love all of these people here in New York. I know that the pure love of Christ is so important! I would like to encourage you all to reach out to someone this week and share with them the love Heavenly Father has for them. I can promise you it will make this Christmas season so much more special then what it already is.

Love you all and hope you all have a very merry CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

(pic is of me and my MTC group) (Elder Crapo, Elder Van Slyke, Sister Branch, and ME)

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