Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, November 16, 2015

Back in Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its been a good 5 days being back in Liverpool, Sister Sellers is a power house missionary. I think she is more training me then I am training her. The work here in Liverpool is slowly starting back up. We have someone on date her name is Michele she is a really sweet lady she is hopefully getting baptized on Dec 5th but we may end up moving it because she has some word of wisdom problems. But that's ok at least she has the desire to be baptized! 

So it has snowed one time and it didnt stick and it also melted because New York is crazy and we are in the middle of some random heat wave it has been in the high 60s for the last 5 to 6 days now. so yeah we may have a green Christmas is what the New Yorkers are saying but who knows the weather may randomly change again. Im pretty sure the weather here is like Bipolar or something. 

This week we have been doing lots of serves for a less active family the Bianco's they are moving and need lots of help getting things packed and the old house cleaned up. So me being me I jumped right in to help. I love serving others and this family has been through the ringer of trails and I really feel that helping them is something I can do. I cant fix the financial problems, or get her 18 year old son to move back, or end the curiosity battle between her and her ex husband. But I know how to serve and talk about the gospel at the same time so that is what we are doing. And its amazing how miracles can happen form just doing that. All I can say it is the best thing in the world doing serves as a missionary!

But any ways this weekend was stake conference! It was so much fun!!!! The stake president, President Stuezt talk was by far my favorite it talked about a parable that he called Milk Toast. He first explained what milk toast was, " its this nasty combination that my mother made when i was sick, it is toasted bread place in a bowel with milk poured over it, and if it was a good day sometimes my mom put cinnamon on top. If you thought you didnt feel good before all bets were off now, after you eat milk toast you for sure will be sick" He explained that we have some milk toast mormons, people you look good and sound good but over all are just nasty and really dont want to do the work of the Lord at all. #nomilktoastmormons He later said one of my favorite scriptures in Mosiah 26:18-20 its talks about talking upon the lords name. He then had the 8 sets of missonaries stand up and said, " these missionaries need us they dont want milk toast mormon they need people you truly have the desire to serve god and know they represent the savior every day as they have taken upon his name." " the missionaries cant do this work without us they need us to be ready at all times to serve our Father in Heaven and to help build is kingdom" the best part about his talk is he grabbed the potimum and said very boldly "DO THE WORK, WE DO NOT WANT LAZY MEMBERS OF THE LORDS CHURCH WE WANT PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO SHARE THE GOSPEL JUST LIKE THESE MISSIONARIES THAT GIVE UP SO MUCH TO SERVE THE LORD" I just want to say memebers are the key to missionary work, it is so important to be willing to help the missionaries at all times. We really cant do this work with out you. The work can bless you lives just as much as it can bless ours and the people we teach. 

You all are amazing and remember to help the missionaries we need you just as much as you need us. Thank you for all your love and support!

I loved Syracuse Stake Conference today!!!
The parable of the milk toast :)
We should be BOLD and witness of truth and right!
We must stand up and not be passive.
Set aside our fears.
We need to bind ourselves with the temple, the missionary work and lifting our fellow saints.
I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he wants us to return and live with him. We has given us prophets to guide and direct our path. I know that he loves me and He will answer my prayers. 

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