Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, September 14, 2015

Pretty Falls In Upstate NY

Well nothing much to say, this week has been a blur. in the mission alot of people say once you hit the 10th every day is a blur and you cant tell the days apart well that was me all week. 

Today we had District Activity and we went hiking near some pretty water falls, I got to get the know the distinct more and here peoples life stories. It was lots of fun!!! Before that we played basketball with basically the whole zone and got the Elders to dress up in skirts. ( there was a bunch of old lady clothes on the stage) that was pretty funny as well. But other  that is has been a normal Pday.

This last District meeting though was amazing it was about being a full purpose missionary, it helped me so much. I really needed that at that time. It helped me see things in a different view and how i can become a better servant of the Lord. One of the many things that was share was the story about the tree of life. We as missionaries are the still small voice encouraging everyone to grab hold to the iron rod and the and we help them grab hold as the ward continues to encourage them to keep hold of the rod. Then the tree of life is that ultimate goal of eternal life were we are able to have that pure happiness always. It is pretty amazing to think of the tree of life in that way. Please read and 1 Nephi 8. Then think to yourself as you ponder those scriptures are you holding tightly to the Iron rod? We are all promised eternal life and the only way we can receive this promised blessing is by being obedient to all the Lords commandments and holding tightly to the iron rod.

Thank you all for all your prays, I so truly appreciate them!

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