Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, April 4, 2016

It Snowed :( in APRIL

So it was a start to a wonderful Spring here in Manchester Vermont, but then the weather had a mood swing and well today it decided it needed to snow!! Why?!?! I dont know!!!! we now have about 4 inches and well lets just say its less to be desired at this time. I was so excited for the warm weather but noooo I dont get it for another week or 2. 

So other then that is had been a wonderful week!! We have been so blessed to see many mighty miracles here in Vermont! We have 3 sold investigators and that is great saying when i got here we had none. One of them name is Larry (funny because my first person i baptized name was Larry) He is amazing, he is currently fighting throat cancer and man is he a fighter!!! His son is a member and has been for the last 7 years and he feels he needs the blessing of this gospel in his life, because he has seen how it has blessed his sons life. He has such a strong desire to be baptized the only thing preventing it right now is that he has a whole in his throat do to the cancer. But he is going to talk to his doctor and see if there would be a way to make it work out so then he can. Oh my  Goodness!!!!! the Lord is softening the heart of the people here!!! and man am i so grateful!!!! 

The funniest thing that has happened this week was a member so kindly informed us that the town hall was going to quote " kick the Mormons out of town" because we are quote " disturbing the peace" All we could do was laugh because all we could thing of is how in the heck our they going to kick all the Mormons out of town??? even though we both clearly knew that they were talking about us. The Sisters before i came knocked on ever down here in Manchester and well the humans here weren't to happy about that at first so we got permission to go visit members at night instead. So then we would be "kicked out of town" So since i have been here we have not knocked on one door besides the people that welcomed us back. HAHAHA!!! I wonder if this is how the members felt when they were being kicked out of New York? I know it was worst for them but sometimes you just got to laugh things off. 

As most of you know this weekend was General Conference, and all i can say was WOW!!! What a wonderful spiritually filled weekend!!! I received so much enlightenment for all the wonderful speakers that were chosen i swore they were speaking directly to me :) I know we are not suppose to pick favorites but i am going to today of course on of my favorites was from our beloved prophet, with the sweet words he said of " Always choose the harder right instead of the easy wrong"  and how he simple exclaimed " that the choices we mane now determine our eternal destiny" Then of coarse no one can beat the profound works form Elder Jeffery R Holland when he so spiritually exclaimed the 1st greatest truth of the Gospel, " God loves us with all his heart, might, mind, and strength." and how he testified so strongly of the atoning power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ as he said " everyone stumbles, the Savior is always there to get back up and keep going" I am so grateful of this conference and every conference we have ever had. I know that all these wonderful and faith men and women are called of God to lead and guide is church in these latter day so then we can be spiritually ready for our Savior Jesus Christ to walk the face of the Earth again. 

I love you all and thank you for all your thoughts and prayers :)

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