Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, March 21, 2016

" Mom Im a Mormon!"

This week has been a rough but good week. I sadly had to say "so long" to all my favorite humans here in Watertown. But it was good because sweet Jaycob got baptized Saturday !

I have learned that with in a s,all time spanned you come to know and love some many people as if they were your family! Every-time i leave a area i fell like i am leaving my family. I truly love all the people here in Watertown. 

So the baptism was amazing!!! I absolutely loved it! Jake was so happy and excited to be baptized!!! He was like a little jumping bean all day until he was actually baptized. His hole family was there and the spirit was so strong! Jakes mom is actually thinking about starting to take the lessons herself. When i first got her she didn't want anything to do with the Gospel, she was cool with Jake learning and with him getting baptized. Now her heart has been softened and she is at least thinking about it. I know the Lord is so merciful, and he placed me in Watertown to help soften her heart. She is one of my close friends and she is just amazing and i cant wait to her of the day when she has accepted the gospel into her life and is going to enter the waters of baptism herself. After Jake was baptized he got changed and a member was so sweet and got him, his own suit and tie. He got all changed and ran out of the Bathroom and said ," Mom Im a Mormon!" That was the most sweetest moments ever because you could see the spirit just glowing with in him. It really pays off to be a missionary!!!

Also we received transfer calls, I got the wonderful news that I am going to go to the farthest east part of our mission. Its not even in New York. I am going to Manchester Vermont. My new companion will be Sister Thao. She was my companion for 2 weeks when i was in New Hartford. So that will be exciting. This will be my 5 area and my 11th companion. I am pretty sure I am on a role for Sister missionaries. Sister Tesch will be training a new missionary! She will do wonderfully!!!

So this week as we were studying Sister Tesch found a awesome scripture that i just absolutly have to share with you all today; 1 Corinthians 5:7 " for we walk by faith, not by sight" This scripture has helped me alot lately more then what I  thought it would. As i have reflected back on different things. I have realized that as you are going through your different trials you walk by faith alot. Because there can be those days you dont know where to turn but to the Lord. I know it is so important to have a faith in Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for all your love and support!

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