Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, July 27, 2015

week of uly 20th 2015

July 20 th
Well it was another really fast week! But it has been lots of fun too! I am learning so much as I have go though my mission this far. Right now we (sister Fiefia and I and also the Amsterdam Elders) are trying to work with the Branch because they don't really support us with our work. But we are doing alot of praying and fasting on what we need to do the get the Branch to help us and to become member missionaries.
So this week we had Zone Training Meeting and we also had Interviews with President Rogers. WOW ZTM was truly inspired because it was about working with the members where you serve and how to have there help in the work. So that was awesome because now we have all these really cool ideas on what we can do to help the branch.
I talked in church on Sunday about the Book of Mormon and the role it plays for us as we become truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! haha it was suppose to be Missionary Sunday LOL never heard of it before but this branch does it quite often i found out because there is barely enough fully active member in the branch to cover every sunday with in a 3 month time period. So i will be speaking a lot i feel.
We have a new investigator he is pretty Rad i am still trying to get to know him but he seems pretty cool so far. But all our other investigators are just Golden they are doing so well. One of the is sadly in the Hospital right now but we pray for him constantly.
This week has been grossly hot, I am pretty sure I have sweated over 5 gallons this week! EW!!!!!!!! But when it s hot and gross that means it will rain and after it rains it cool for a little and gets even more hot and gross. The nasty cycle of life here in New York. LOL but its all worth it. Everyone saying soon it will get cold here, haha that is FALSE!!!! it is just getting hotter and hotter. NY is having a very late summer but oh well cant do much about it but just love it!!!!
Oh just so yall can have a good laugh my mission nick name is Potatoe Head because I am the only missionary form Idaho that talks the way I do. LOL apparently i have a accent i don't know what they are all talking about lol!
Well hope yall have a great day and dont forget to pray!! i know Heavenly Father does in fact here and answer all of your prayers!!! I have recently had a wonderful experience with prayer. I was having a little rough time this week and I was just praying my little heart out that i will be able to get help to just give me the comfort i need. Then this friday i met with my mission president, that was amazing! I helped me so much to know what i needed to do and it was such a wonderful experience. The spirit was so strong there I didnt want to leave i just wanted to stay there talking to him all day. He let me know he is always a phone call away because he knows i will do great thing on my mission and he doesn't want me to worry so much and to always feel free to call and just ask for help. I am so grateful for that. I know Heavenly Father did here my prayers and i was asking him for help. Never forget this, " I need thee every hour most holy one" That is so true we always need our savior and he will always be there as we turn our hearts to him in prayer.
Love the Lord with all your Heart <3
-Sister Loveland XOXOX

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