Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, July 13, 2015


Well I have made it 1 transfer! HAHAHA so crazy to think i has been that long! I feel like I have already been here forever! But that is good because now i dont ever want to leave!! it is so beautiful here in new york!
So this week has been Crazy!!!!! I barely remember what happened..... so sorry it is a short letter today.... just me and my short term memory lost this week! lol
So I met my GRANDMA (the sister who trained my companion/trainer) she came and visited us! It was so much fun!!! She even came teaching with us! I am so grateful she did because for the longest time i thought i didnt know enough to teach, but after that she gave me the biggest hug and told me that she know i am where i am suppose to be and I am completely ready to share the Gospel to Gods Children. I know i can do all things through Christ!
So we had to drop some more investigators which is sad, but we know they will be ready later on for another set of missionaries. But right now our investigators Brian and Lesa have a B-Day (baptismal date) Brian is August 2nd and Lesa is August 15th. We know Lesa is completely ready she is sad it couldn't be sooner but we have a few more lessons to teach her. So that is that.
I know this work so important!!! This week me and my comp have been praying and fasting our little hearts out to find someone who is in need of gospel and who the lord has prepared for us. I believe it was about 3 days ago we met a sweet old me named Roger. He was sitting out on his porch. I felt we needed to go talk to him so I did just that. Come to find out he really needed to know there was a way for his son to be forgiven and for him to be forgiven. He asked us to come back on Thursday. I know the Lord did listen and answer our prayers. i am so grateful for that.
i want you all to know that you are all missionaries!!!! there is a quote for someone that has always stuck in my head, " EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY" you all represent our savior Jesus Christ everyday. As you are a example to our Heavenly Fathers children you are planting seeds. There is a scripture that comes to my mind its, Mosiah 26:18-19 ," Yea, blessed is this people who are willing to bear my name; for in my name shall they be called;and they are mine. and because thou hast inquired of me concerning the transgressor, thou art blessed. thou art my servant; and i covenant with thee that thou shalt have eternal life; and thou shalt serve me and go forth in my name, and shalt gather together my sheep." As you all have made the sacred covenant of baptism you all made the decision to bear is name, help find those lost sheep help the missionaries as much as you can to help those lost sheep come back to the fold. I know as you do so you will be blessed and will receive the best gifts of all gifts which is eternal life.
Thank you so much for all you love and support it really means alot!
Love and Trust the Lord will all you hearts!!!! <3
-Sister Loveland

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