Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Friday, May 22, 2015

last week in Mtc Week #2

Hey everything is going well! my companion Sister hess and I have 3 investigators. they are truly amazing people today is our last day teaching them because we leave the 26th to New York. I have learned so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is truly amazing. I know the power of pray can work miracle!!!!! like no joke, one of our investigator Megan asked us a very challenging question on wednesday
 and I had such a hard time knowing how to answer her so we made a deal as long as she committed to praying and reading the Book of Mormon I will study very hard to get her answer. I study and and prayed so very hard they she will hold up to her end of the deal. so we met with her yesterday and it was amazing I knew exactly how to answer her questions and she Prayed!!! and She read the Book of mormon!!! well at least some of it but still!!! it was amazing!!!!!!!! all of or investigators are praying and reading the book of mormon. Carlos had committed to be baptized which is a huge blessing!!!!! he is truly a wonderful man! Morgan and Megan still feel like they need to learn more before they commit to such a huge thing so we are still working very hard with them. It is amazing I am so grateful for our savior Jesus Christ and his example for us. I have also learned the power of repentance and the beautiful blessing of being truly forgiven for our sins. Heavenly father is truly a very merciful god. we are all so blessed every day! I challenge everyone to Pray with a open heart and a contrite spirit unto the Lord and tell him all of your worries and DO NOT FORGET TO TELL HIM HOW GRATEFUL YOU ARE FOR ALL HE HAS DONE because with out gratitude there would be nothing. so Thank the Lord for all he has done! so PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!! every morning, midday, and night! They lord loves you and you are his children. he Loves you with a eternal amount of love! Have a wonderful day and remember the Lord is always with you even through the hardest times in your life.

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