Sis Loveland

Sis Loveland

Monday, July 18, 2016

Storms all day everyday!!!

Well this week has been one rain storm after another. We really can no catch a break! Almost everyday this week it has rained and its not just a little rain it is like fluid the streets rain. It is kinda outrageous.   On Wednesday we had the wonderful privilege of helping one of our investigators stack hay in there hay mount. It was so much fun!!!! Oh how i miss working on a farm!!! This Wednesday we are going back to help some more. Keith ( our investigator) loves having us over because i don't wait to be asked to come help. Back to my story last Wednesday after we helped with hay we went to their house and had supper. Then the storm of all storms hit!!! We were on tornado warning there was hail falling from the sky and the wind was blowing up to 60 mph. It was crazy!!! there was so many trees knocked down I just had to laugh!!! It took the town about 2 days to clean it all up. The storms here are super cool!!!

The work in Hamilton is going pretty good, We had a small hiccup this week because we had to go to the Urgent care for Sister Fausett on Friday. So that was a adventure! but i can now say i went to the Doctors on my mission just not for me. I feel really blessed that I have not need to go to the Doctors while I have been serving the Lord. Its been a kinda slower week, why i have no idea but it just has been. So this week we have set the goal to keep the day busy no matter what. I hope we can do this because last time we set this as a goal I almost killed my companion so I pray that all will go well. 

So the past few weeks I have been so blessed in being able to do singing time in primary!!! Oh how I love primary!!! The last few weeks we have been learning I love to see the Temple. It was so much fun because as we were going though the song we talked about why the temple is so important and how we can prepare to go to the temple now. I have come to understand what the Savior meant when he said "become as a little child" Through primary i have been able to truly understand that the Gospel is really so simple but yet so complex. It is so important to remember if a child can bare their testimony that they know the Restored Gospel to be true. We to can gain that testimony and bear witness of its truth and divinity to those around us.

Thank you all for all your love and support i am so grateful to have such a great support system behind me as I go forth and do the work the Lord has sent me forth to do here in New York.

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